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The 'Virtual' form of online mixing offered by The Audio Suite was of huge benefit to us during the audio post-production stages of dialogue editing, adr, pre- and final mixing The Mandrake Root, with even the composer valuing their service during the scoring stages.

As our Director was still based at the Sardinian Production office on another project, being able to monitor our work-in-progress on a daily basis, as well as listening-in live to the adr sessions, transformed the way in which we worked - and will continue to work - on our future productions!

Simon Woods, Producer,
The Mandrake Root

Our onlineTVmixing® service for Web Clients...

Click for live weather where we areWe've made it really straightforward (and best of all, incredibly cost-effective) for out-of-town Production Companies, out-of-region Directors and overseas Producers to work with us by introducing our onlineTVmixing® service, through our proven and secure Cloud Audio Post sound-server; enabling fully web-based audio mixing that is guaranteed to meet broadcast television delivery requirements... and it has proven so successful and easy to use that even near-by Production Companies now use it to maximise their investment with us!

Click to Upload your file to The Audio SuiteUtilising the Audio Suite's onlineTVmixing® through our Cloud Audio Post server enables you as a web-client to access our award-winning mixing talent and the full range of our studio facilities remotely, without ever needing to leave your own office or your favourite picture editing suite! Saving you time and money and maximising your budget for audio post-production.

Very simply, a client only has to upload their pictures and accompanying omf or AAF; then in a short while they can begin to monitor, review and store their work-in-progress, before we deliver back a final, signed-off sound track as a frame-accurate broadcast .wav, in Dolby Surround or 5.1

Just Click to Upload

So no cards, no tapes, no transport, no staff mileage costs, no congestion charge, no hold-ups in Customs; all of our services can be accessed remotely, from any location in the world that has the web!

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