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The Audio Suite partnership programme

Just imagine having your own Dolby-approved audio post-production studios, integrated seamlessly with your in-house Video editing department, and available at the click of a mouse...

Well now you can, through a unique, innovative and bespoke audio-post partnership that digitally delivers the efficiency and convenience of owning your own in-house Sound department, whilst still enjoying the flexibility and financial benefits of outsourcing.

On hand 24/7 and capable of providing a workflow as individual as you and your programme's needs.

Instantly responsive, but with no overhead or residual costs of staff and equipment.

Faster. Better. Cheaper.

Welcome to 'theaudiosuite@...' a Sound Solution for today's Production Companies.

So much more than simply work-for-hire, 'theaudiosuite@...' is a dedicated partnership programme designed for progressive broadcast and corporate Production Companies who take control of their own picture editing but seek the reassurance that their sound will be taken care of by some of the Industry's brightest broadcast talent - and also surpass any of today's stringent quality requirements.

With pre-agreed Levels of Service (not to mention our hundreds of hours of award-winning, primetime broadcast audio credits), isn't it time you seriously considered implementing theaudiosuite@yourcompany?

To discuss how you can benefit from the convenience and none of the costs of an in-house audio department, or to arrange a visit from our Facility Manager, call 0121 449 2320 NOW!

"When the sound is bad, you notice the sound; when the sound is good, you notice the pictures" - Neil Hillman.

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