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Our Birmingham ISDN service

It's been our privilege to welcome many valued guests to The Audio Suite's Birmingham ISDN studio.

Voice studioIdeal as a 'remote' presenter's 'away-from-home' recording service, it's used extensively for BBC and talk-radio injects and UK and overseas Production and Commercials Companies for voice recording:

TV and radio commercial scripts -
(including Julie Walters for Tesco, Dawn French for Lotto, Pete Postlethwaite for Cathedral City);

broadcast narration and continuity -
(including Stuart Maconie for BBC3 'The Cinema Show', Paterson Joseph for ESPN, Pal Aron for TCM); and

film and drama 'remote' adr -
(including Tuppence Middleton in the US series 'Bones', Julie Christie in her feature film 'New York I Love You', and Stephen Graham in 'Pirates Of The Caribbean').

We can even synchronize our pictures to run those showing in your studio, ensuring speedier 'Takes'.

Our Pronto 2 ISDN codec is simple to connect with, compatible with almost all other studio ISDN codec's (with the exception APT-X units), offers G711, G722 and MPEG encoding modes and your free pre-booking line check guarantees that your artiste will enjoy a warm welcome and a smooth session.

As a further no-risk bonus, all our ISDN sessions are monitored and recorded by our engineers locally, with the audio available for delivery to your studios after the session via server or ftp, should the need arise.

Bookable by the hour, please contact Facility Manager Heather Reinman now for ISDN studio availability.

Please note: clients are asked to settle studio fees before the session by same-day bank transfer.

USA client time-zone sessions available! New Zealand client time-zone sessions available! Australia client time-zone sessions available!
We are happy to arrange sessions for our valued clients in different time-zones - the sun never sets on The Audio Suite!