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Our Birmingham ADR service

It's our pleasure to help support the wonderful work of other studios, as well as our own commissioned projects, through carefully crafted adr sessions; and we can even synchronize our pictures to yours over ISDN, should your Director and actor happen to be in different parts of the world...

With a broad range of studio and location microphones on offer, our dedicated voice studio, plus extensive experience of working collaboratively with Dialogue Editors, The Audio Suite is a great choice for adr sessions - with or without ISDN hook-up via our Pronto 2 ISDN codec.

Notable adr contributions have been made to major feature films such as Lincoln, New York I Love You, Yasmin and The Mandrake Root, as well as TV series such as Dr. Who, Shameless, Lewis, Spooks, Survivors and Hustle, and the US-hit Bones.

Bookable by the hour, please contact Facility Manager Heather Reinman now for studio availability.

Please note: clients are asked to settle studio fees before the session by same-day bank transfer or by a credit card, securely processed through PayPal, see here.

USA client time-zone sessions available! New Zealand client time-zone sessions available! Australia client time-zone sessions available!
We are happy to arrange sessions for our valued clients in different time-zones - the sun never sets on The Audio Suite!