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Traffic RadioDecided not to use our Virtual Dubbing Theatre, but to come in person? Then check the state of the roads with Traffic Radio - up-to-the-minute regional and national traffic news from The Highways Agency.

Find out before you set off if there are any delays on your route as well as details of the latest roadworks, so you can make a choice about your route and the time you set off - or whether to use the Virtual Dubbing Theatre.

Birmingham city skyline from The Audio Suite webcamLive weather for Birmingham, UKWhilst plans for audiosuite2, our residential studio development with an ocean-view and in a sun-kissed part of the world are progressing, take a look at the weather
we're experiencing outside our studios today!

Weather feed from our friends at Weather Bug.

Acorns Children\'s Hospice trustSince 1988, the Acorns Children's Hospice Trust has cared for over 1,100 life-limited children and their families, relying on the public for 80% of their income.

At The Audio Suite, we feel priveliged to be of support through podcasting their news and events.