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We mixed all three series of National Geographic Channel's worldwide hit show 'I Didn't Know That' at The Audio Suite in Birmingham. The production company, North One Television, had a long-standing relationship with the sound house and we approached Senior Mixer Neil Hillman, MPSE, with the demanding brief for the show. It was demanding in terms of creative style (hugely busy and complex tracks with numerous FX), and in terms of schedule and budget. Neil felt he and his team could achieve exactly what we wanted.

I'm pleased to say that Neil and his team were able to meet the challenging, creative brief and deliver results the broadcaster was happy with, namely, a subtly balanced, yet very active and punchy mix, pushing compression rates and audio levels to the limits.

They are very proud of what they do and it's clear that they enjoy the honing and crafting process - even for a particularly demanding client like me.

Michal Porecki
Series Producer, I Didn't Know That,
National Geographic Channel.

FAQs for The Audio Suite

We get asked many different questions, so it's hard to suggest the most common ones, but maybe the two most regular are -

Click to go to our detailed Delivery requirements "Do you have an ISDN studio for voice recording?"

Yes, read about our ISDN service and ISDN codecs here....

(you can download details of the ISDN codecs here)

and -

"How do we give you our material?"

To which we say, "We'll take the sound as an OMF1, an OMF2 or an AAF file, with 100 frame handles and all fades and effects rendered, with your edited pictures quickly and easily transferred to us as an SD QuickTime (with Burnt-In Time Code, please)." See Our Delivery Requirements page for more details.

"What codec should we use for QuickTime?"

We've found that 48kHz MPEG-4 QuickTime's are the most robust for us, although we also accept Avid Meridien Codec QuickTimes.

Our preferred audio track configurations are given in Our Delivery Requirements technical bits, and time spent by your editor placing these tracks as shown can save you time and money in our studios.

The main thing is, we'd like you to feel that you can simply contact us, and be assured that you'll be answered accurately about any part of our audio post-production process, and know that we can integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

Meanwhile, here are two excellent sites for more in-depth details on audio post-production -

Audio post FAQ's by fellow MPSE member, Bruce C. Nazarian, MPSE

"What's a Binky?" - Sound Designer Larry Blake's film sound glossary

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