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From radio, broadcast television, commercials and feature films, to operating large and boutique commercial post-production facilities...

on-set film drama, pre-digital recorders!Thousands of air miles - on the road with BBC Tomorrows World... we've been there, with a finger on many a significant fader.

Our engineering history takes in location recording for Film and Video drama, and travelling hundreds of thousands of miles world-wide for cutting-edge documentary producers. From filming climbers on frozen mountains to nomadic tribes in searing desert, we've recorded (and lived) with ancient and modern communities. (And even survived Jeremy Clarkson).

The funniest man to read, and record!Over the last 30-odd years, we've been at the scene of great local and national TV News stories, taken part in Outside Broadcasts at the largest international sporting events and recognized the privilege of recording once-in-a-lifetime interviews with some of the world's greatest leaders and thinkers. We've mixed output for every UK major network and been chosen to record British Royalty and post-produce for the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

During this time we have honed our skills and developed our trade craft, both on location and in mixing rooms, daring to deliver excellence in everything that we do.

We'll never stop.

We draw on the sound of the real world to create the soundtrack for the world that your ideas inhabit. Using our Imagination, Creativity, Empathy, and our Experience.

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