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The first benefit of working with The Audio Suite is that our experience and track-record means you can be confident that we can take care of all your audio needs - including Sound Design, editing and mixing, Commentary-to-Picture, ADR, sound restoration and Voice Over (in-studio or via ISDN).

We'll also traffic the radio commercials or publish to iTunes the 'SuiteTalk' podcasts we make for you.

The second benefit is that we're so accessible - wherever you are in the world, we can be of service through our Cloud Audio Post 'Virtual Dubbing Theatre': all you need to work with us is an internet connection!

The third benefit is our cost-effectiveness - we deliver high quality, fast. For example, we can begin to transform your programme with the modest investment of just 1 hour of our time - because that can be all it takes for us to deliver a crystal-clear recording of your chosen presenter from our voice-studio; a recording almost instantly ready to drop onto your video timeline, taking your programme to new levels of clarity.

Our sound editing and mixing is similarly cost-effective - especially when the overall production budget's tight. Even a few hundred pounds invested with us will make a huge on-screen difference...

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